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Private 5G in no time using the small cell 5G-SA Starter-Kit suitcase

Private 5G Networking

What is a private 5G network?

A private 5G network, the so called 5G campus network, is a complete mobile communications network under its own management. This is an extreme improvement in performance over previous wireless communication technologies. This “private network” runs completely without an external mobile network provider and networks all devices that the private operator wants to include via 5G. The network can also be connected to the Internet, but this is not a requirement. Solutions for connecting non-5G-capable systems are available as well.

What is 5G?

5G is the next (fifth) generation of uniformly standardized mobile communications worldwide and of course significantly more powerful than the previous generations. This applies in particular to the reliability, security, latency and bandwidth of the network. However, 5G is a special generation: While the step between previous generations was an evolution, 5G is a revolution, offering more software components, significantly better scalability and thus opportunities for use cases beyond the public mobile network.

What is the purpose of a private 5G network?

Many use cases are only made possible by powerful wireless communication. From augmented reality applications to autonomous driving vehicles, flexible robotic systems, drone control or simply connecting to very many sensors (massive IoT). A 5G campus network with its advanced technology makes these applications feasible now.

What do we offer?

The broad know-how and the proximity to the actual application is what is important for the realization of a high-quality product: Our team develops the requirements and the integration plan in collaboration with the customer. Through years of involvement in 5G-Lab Germany, our experts know and understand your requirements. This enables us to deliver exactly the systems that make the perfect installation feasible in a timely manner.

Why a mobile network in a container?

The use of a transportable container for a private 5G network is an option we offer our customers. With the container, fast installations become possible. The container or our 5G-Starter-Kit suitcase also serve as demonstration system: customers can test private 5G networking in their labs – or start integration with the container for the use at changing locations.

A platform for private 5G

The 5G-GeniusNetwork family for full integration and as transportable container.

Using our 5G-Core and 5GaaS software we implement private 5G campus networks for SMEs and industry and support their integration into production processes, automation or for the connection of automated vehicles and extensive sensor technology.

A private 5G network provides a future-proof communication platform for the digitization of corporate processes. The 5G-SA campus networks are scaled, installed and supported by us or one of our authorized partners in cooperation with the customer.

A dedicated private 5G network enables fast, reliable data transmission for thousands of devices with a high data rate, low latency and unique reliability – the customer retains its data sovereignty and benefits from a significant increase in security through its own frequency ranges.

5G-SA GeniusNetwork Container
Computational Power

A scalable edge cloud or own bare-metal system can be operated directly in the air-conditioned container. This means that the necessary cloud resources are available to the applications directly on site.

Campus network

With the GeniusNetwork, the user has his own dedicated 5G network at his full disposal. Extensions, coverage of large areas, or the relocation of the system on migrating construction sites is possible without any problems.

5G performance

The power of 5G wireless technology provides the highest bandwidths, lowest latencies and unlimited number of devices connected simultaneously.The 5G GeniusCore allows complete control over campus network communications.

Security by design

5G campus networks are fundamentally secure and reliable; nevertheless, new security standards are implemented immediately. We are actively involved in research on security in telecommunications networks.

Transportable system

The GeniusNetwork in a container can provide any coverage on site and additionally edge cloud services. All that is required is a power supply.

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